Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity and Forests in Amhara
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South Wollo Afforestation Project

The Project concerns the establishment of new communal forests in the six woredas adjacent to the “Borena Saynt National Park”. The purpose of the Project is to conserve the biodiversity of priority protected areas and of selected forests and afforested areas and contribute to the sustainable use and to the improved livelihood of the local population. This is to contribute to the Project objective, which is: Afforested communal areas and forestry resources are effectively managed by the local communities in order to contribute to income, diversified livelihoods and biodiversity in the selected region.
The afforested areas can and shall be maintained in the future as the joint forest area of a community of forest farmers, “financed by an innovative approach using incentives for the incorporation of ecological and long-term aspects”. This financing is intended to be done as Forest Development Start-Up Capital (FDSC), supporting the farmer groups for the initial investments in the afforestation.
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